Cool and Chic Loft Living

Due to their popularity, some loft units are new construction.

There are few homes as cool and desirable as a downtown loft. In most cases, these homes come with an abundance of architectural style and a sophisticated, yet laid-back atmosphere. Usually, these units are on the top floor of a building, directly under the roof, and have been converted from commercial to residential use.  Because they are at the top of a building, they many times have roof access that will provide outdoor entertaining space with a view of the surrounding area.

Due to their popularity, some loft units are new construction. Developers understand how desirable these units are and they will design a few of them in the construction design of newer buildings.


Loft Apartment Benefits

Loft units typically have high ceilings with exposed HVAC ducting. Because of these higher ceilings, lofts will give the impression of being larger living spaces than their square footage provides. Many rooms or areas in a loft will display the building's construction materials, such as old brick or concrete walls.

Natural light is another benefit that many loft units provide, especially when they are located in older buildings. They usually have huge windows, many times floor to ceiling, and plenty of them. Don’t expect to find small, closed-off rooms in a loft home. They are usually large spaces conducive to open floor plans. Sometimes there is virtually no separation between the living area, kitchen, and bedroom as you transition from one space to another.

If you desire a modern design with an industrial feel to your home, you will probably find a loft unit right up your alley. Exposed pipes and ducting, and metal or concrete ceilings are the norms. These features add to the chic style of loft living. Expect to find many different “finishes”, stone, concrete, brick, or older wood floors.


The Great Outdoors While Still In Town


Many loft units include the benefit of some type of outdoor space. Sometimes it is a large balcony or patio area; sometimes it is a rooftop deck. These areas provide great spaces to entertain family and friends. You can have a rooftop garden, an outdoor dining area, or just a comfortable spot to enjoy an evening glass of wine to relax and watch the sun go down.

Many times these decks r balconies are large enough to incorporate an outdoor spot to watch movies. Hang up a sheet on one of the building’s walls or use a portable screen. Add a good quality laser projector and you’re all set to watch movies or sporting events outside on a big screen, as the city lights and sounds add to the ambiance.


What Loft Living Is

Loft living isn’t for everyone, but neither is it just for the young at heart. Anyone can enjoy the loft-living style of life. Yes, it’s non-traditional, but if you are seeking a more contemporary aesthetic with virtually no outdoor maintenance required, a loft could be an interesting option. They definitely provide a unique and trendy feel that you won’t find in a traditional home or apartment. And with their large rooms with little separation, you won’t feel like you’re living in a shoebox.

Houston has many loft units available to choose from. Contact a realtor who knows the ropes about loft living and let the hunt begin for your new lifestyle

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